Bookstore Return Policy

The last day to return books is as follows:    (book must be returned in perfect condition)

All 15 week semesters

Books must be returned within the first 10 days of the semester in order to receive 100% refund, or within 5 days of the purchase receipt.  Within 11-20 days the text may be returned for a 75% refund.  After 20+ days no refunds.

All Other Semesters

Books must be returned within the first 5 days of the semester in order to receive 100% refund, or within 5 days of the purchase receipt; within 6-10 days the text may be returned for a 75% refund.  After 10+ days no refunds.

  • No return of bundled textbook packages in which the shrink wrap is broken, damaged, or missing. (The publisher will not issue credit unless the book is in its’ original shrink wrap with the publishers’ label on it.)
  • No refund without the original sales receipt
  • No refunds on reference books
  • No refunds on exposed/damaged access codes or cd’s
  • Refunds will be issued in the same method used for payment. If paid with cash the bookstore reserves the right to issue a mail check or apply credit to your campus card.


Bookstore Rental Textbook Policy

 By accepting this rental textbook from the FDTC Bookstore you agree to the following:


  • Return rental books before the close of business on the last day of finals.  A late fee will be applied for any returns after this date.  Unreturned rentals will be billed and a charge will be placed on the students’ college account equal to the retail price of a replacement textbook.
  • Exercise reasonable care while this book is in your possession.  Students are expected to protect rental books from damage of any kind.  Failure to do so will result in replacement cost of a new textbook billed to the students’ account.
  • Make no marks except limited highlighting.  The textbook rental program depends on multiple circulations; it is important that markings in college-owned books be minimized
  • No rental titles will receive full credit unless they are returned within 5 business days of the start of the term.  Any books rented throughout the term or during finals cannot be returned for credit.
Bookstore Buyback
The Tech Bookstore processes buyback everyday during regular business hours with the exception of the first week of class for the fall and spring term. The bookstore processes the buyback for a national wholesaler, using its database, so it is solely up to the wholesaler as to whether or not a title qualifies for buyback. Using wholesaler guidelines it is the discretion of the bookstore staff in determining if the condition of a text qualifies it for buyback. All buyback transactions must be completed in-store and a current Tech ID or valid driver's license is required. Buyback need is as of this moment. When you bring your books to the store the need, and therefore the price we can pay, may vary.